GOP Helps Vida Miller learn where she can return her tainted political donation


For immediate release: Wednesday, October 23, 2014
Contact: Randy Hollister (843) 314-4652

PAWLEYS ISLAND –  In response to the embarrassing news that Democrat Vida Miller received a 2010 political donation of $1,000 from a company later found to be a Ponzi scheme, she released a statement yesterday confirming that she knew the source of the tainted donation.

In fact, Miller revealed that she herself was a victim of the Ponzi scheme, though the amount she lost seems somewhat vague (“tens of thousands of dollars.”)  As an investor in the company, it is clear that Vida was fully aware of the true source of the contribution when she received it, yet she falsified her campaign disclosure report to obscure that information from the public.  She reported the contribution as “ABC, Inc.” when no such South Carolina corporation exists rather than accurately reporting it as “Atlantic Bullion & Coin.”  Truthfully reporting the source would have let voters judge the propriety of her association with that firm’s owner who was frequently associated with racist activities and is now serving a 19 year prison sentence.

Miller’s press statement also says she would have given the money back but “Who am I supposed to send it to – the people who handle his prison commissary account?”   No, Vida, it should go to his victims.

Georgetown County GOP Chairman Randy Hollister offered his help to Miller.  “The court-appointed receiver trying to collect all available assets from Atlantic Bullion & Coin to return to the Ponzi scheme victims is Beattie B. Ashmore, (864) 271-8200” Hollister said.  “I’m happy to be able to help, but I’m really surprised Vida had trouble locating Mr. Ashmore’s contact information.  This is the same person processing the claims of the Ponzi scheme victims.  Vida says she is hopeful of recovering some of her lost money through her claim, which she had to file with Mr. Ashmore by the deadline one week ago today.

This is yet another example of Vida Miller playing fast and loose with the campaign reporting rules, including deliberate deception designed to mislead the public.  Vida Miller has repeatedly been fined for breaking ethics rules and even reprimanded by the House of Representatives for her misconduct.

Vida says she thinks the law should be changed to “remove any state official accused of misconduct.”  It’s time for Vida Miller to withdraw her candidacy in keeping with her proposed law.

GOP demands Vida Miller withdraw from race over her ethics violations


For immediate release: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Contact: Randy Hollister (843) 314-4652

PAWLEYS ISLAND – In light of new evidence of more violations of House ethics rules by Democrat Vida Miller, Georgetown County Republican Party Chairman Randy Hollister called for Miller to withdraw her candidacy for the House District 108 seat the voters ousted her from four years ago.

News broke today from a group of independent voters showing that Miller received a 2010 contribution of $1,000 in tainted money, proceeds from a Ponzi scheme operated by a well-known racist and white supremacist, and then tried to disguise that donation on her campaign disclosure filing.  The donor was convicted in 2012 and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Chairman Hollister said “There are so many questions Vida must answer for the voters in connection with this donation.”

1)  Why was this racist from 250 miles away so interested in supporting Vida Miller’s campaign?  He wasn’t making contributions to everyone, and she only received one other $1,000 contribution (from Jim Clyburn’s PAC) in that reporting period. What was her connection to him?

2)  Why did Vida Miller deliberately obscure the source of the tainted donation by abbreviating the name of the company as “ABC, Inc” in her campaign disclosure report?  That wasn’t the company’s name, and she didn’t do that with her other donations.  It couldn’t have been for lack of space on the form because she reported several other donations with names longer than “Atlantic Bullion & Coin.”

3)  Why didn’t Vida Miller return the money to the Ponzi scheme victims in 2012 when the donor and the massive $57 million dollar fraud were in all the headlines?

4)  Will Vida Miller finally return the money, now, four years after taking the improper donation?

Embarrassingly, this most recent revelation is hardly Vida Miller’s first abuse of ethics laws.  She has a history of flagrant disregard for House ethics rules and has repeatedly been fined for her violations.  In fact, it was only after filing her candidacy in this year’s race that she finally paid the last of her long overdue fines.

In a campaign mailer she sent out two weeks ago, Vida said she wanted to “change the law to remove any state official accused of misconduct.”  Well, now she can lead by example.

Hollister said “Only one candidate in this race, Vida Miller, has violated House rules, and she has done so repeatedly. Only one candidate in this race, Vida Miller, has been fined for ethics violations of any kind, and she has been fined repeatedly. And only one candidate in this race, Vida Miller, has been formally reprimanded by the House of Representatives for ethical violations.”

“It’s no wonder Vida wants new ethics laws; she hasn’t been willing to comply with the current ones” Hollister said. “It’s time for Vida Miller to follow the law she now proposes and immediately withdraw her own candidacy, since that law would require her removal from office.”